A life with colour


Wow, wow, wow. I love the colour orange. I’m at breakfast in Ponsonby Central with he who earns the money.

First off, I’ve seen the colour of my new front door….it’s perfect, bright and shouts ‘welcome, come in have a wine while the kids play’.

I love splashes of colour and i can see me describing which house is ours to new visitors as ‘the grey one with the bright orange front door’….ha ha ha.

Anyway, plans for council have been submitted, I get to start shopping for serious stuff like tiles, carpet, kitchen bits!!!!! OMG!!! My heart is pounding excitedly at the mere thought of this!

Ive already started! Yesterday I bought a Dining table at the encouragement of my husband…yes he really did insist. (It was on sale reduced seriously, he saw the deal in the reduction and his eyes lit up)! So I dragged 4 children and one of my dearest girlfriends along to the shop to seal the deal.

It really has been a great first week of the school hols. Last night I was whisked away to the Opera to see Madam Butterfly finished off by dinner in a burger bar and a cuppa tea in bed! And now I’m sitting here waiting for my Pancetta with eggs and some kind beetroot relish catching up on my posts!

You all really have to check it out down here if you haven’t yet. We met the nicest man who owns the pizza bar down here ‘Dante’s’, he showed us around and made us feel like old friends.
Better fly, breaky is here.
Sa x

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