I’m still here…

Hi there

Yes, I”m still around and while things have been very quiet on the house front, other changes have been happening on this side of the world….we’ve got a new addition to our family:

IMG_3812 Introducing Millicent (Milly) our Griffin x Poodle puppy.  She is a tiny thing smaller than our cats and very sweet.  How house has got busier now and consists of 3 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 Guinea Pigs.  All this just out of the City too!!!  Just as well we have a good size garden (754sqm)!

Housewise, it’s been a long process and we have, at long last, reached the final stages.  We are now very patiently waiting for a structural engineer to work out the behind the scene stuff such as beams then we’re on the road to Council consent.

Wanna see our plans? We’re really happy with them and with a bit of clever rejigging (thanks to our annoying neighbour) we have managed reduce the size of our initial extension and are now widening our current lean to out the back, enhancing space….so what do you think? big enough?  Bearing in mind there is a second storey with a massive master suite (lucky me!)

House Plan


What happened with our ‘neighbour’ issue.  We decided to work around his non-consent by leaving the lean to we were originally planning on removing.  We decided to do this as once we’ve bulldozed it, we’ll never be able to rebuild it knowing he will never approve anything without a ‘reciprocal agreement.

As its a classic villa lean to with a 45 degree roof sloping lower at the end, we’ve made the call to drop the floor down to almost ground level.  This means we get to keep a higher ceiling and will now step down into the room.  I like this idea as the room now flows out to directly to the garden and we can make it an ‘adults’ living room with glass doors and windows on all 3 sides.

photoI took this photo when I was reading a mag in a cafe while waiting for my coffee, pretty crap quality, but gives you an idea of the look i’m aiming for.

The cool thing I love about this plan is by utliising what we thought was an ugly lean to, we have now been able to increase the size of the rooms down that side of the house.  All in all we’ve gained over 3 metres in space without reducing our garden size.  In fact we’re reclaiming about 10sqm in garden by removing the lean to on the other side.  Yippeee pool space maybe??  (don’t tell he who earns the money I said that).

45221_522741951098179_1593913545_nAnyway in the meantime while i’ve been daydreaming about my lovely new spaces, I’ve been unable to resist temptation and have bought a gorgeous little chair in anticipation for creating a gorgeous girlie bedroom for Charlotte. Unfortunately our Charlotte is a tomboy and upon showing her this picture, she promptly asked for it in blue, hmmmmm, I will keep trying or maybe I can add a funky turquoise cushion, otherwise I’ll end up in the spare room and I’ll have to focus my attentions on making that a ‘pretty bedroom’.

Back soon, Sa x

  2 comments for “I’m still here…

  1. Merry Smith
    6 April, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    New plans look great. Can’t wait to see it, it’ll look great.

  2. Shelley
    5 April, 2013 at 6:54 am

    I love the re-worked plans Sarah, especially the stepped down living! Yay for stupid neighbours lol.

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