Not feeling the love!!

Got this email from my neighbours lawyer today:

I have looked at the documents you sent and also had a quick look at the properties.
If Terri is to accede to your request, and sign the consent, then he requires a written undertaking, binding on the present and future owners of xxxxx Rd, that in the event of the owners of our client’s adjoining properties requiring a similar dispensation, you will grant that consent.
Terri does wish to extend his properties at some time so it is reasonable that you should reciprocate.
If you agree, I will prepare a form of agreement.

My reply?


We do not agree and have now amended our plans to remove height to boundary issues.

We are very disappointed with this email and request.

I am seriously biting my tongue to stop myself from giving them what for!!!!! But hey, we’ve decided to turn this into an opportunity to do something different with the house design. We’re going to cut out the tiny area that infringes and create a small dog leg with a wall of glass looking out to a cool water feature or something the like. What do you think?

I’ve been a busy girl today haven’t I!!! Architect visit, designer store stop offs and one lovely purchase….better not do it every day!

Sa x

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