What’s happening?

Ok I’m sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath for my latest instalment!
‘No’ you say, oh ok, I’ll give it to you anyway!

Neighbour still hasn’t signed off, although ‘he who brought me an iPad mini back from his work trip to the states’, rung him and had some strong words!

How on earth the man (neighbour that is) expects us to sign a binding agreement agreeing to anything he wants is beyond me. He professes to have neighbourly friendliness at the top of his mind, and has now ‘promised’ to sign off over the next few days!

I will be surprised if we have it by Monday and will be going through other avenues! I could just rant, it’s insane, we’re making the place smaller and newer!!! Arggggg

Deep breaths girl, deep breaths!!

The bath is now scratch free, yes the 800 whatever fine grain sandpaper worked like magic, whew!!!!

So now I’m off to mow my lawns for some exercise while I wait for my inbox to ping with a signed house plan document (dreams are free right?)

I promise you there will be some renovation picts up soon of this little nz house as she gets brought back to life and I also want to show you some of the great products and design stuff I find along the way!

Check out this cool house on trademe. The back area layout is kinda what we’re aiming for…lovely and spacious without being massive!

Take care,

Sa x

  1 comment for “What’s happening?

  1. Shelley
    4 March, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    Love this house Sarah, it looks just like what I imagine yours will once done!

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