Desiring others’ ideas…

This weekend I got stuck into my favourite section of the newspaper and saw the most amazing house for sale in Westmere.

No, don’t want to buy it or move there (truly I didn’t) I just love what they have done in their back garden and it gives me other ideas, oh no!  Not more ideas!  I can’t possibly change my mind yet again, but my mind is racing and these ideas are in my head.  I’ll have to chat to ‘he who earns the money’ and get his input, though i’m fairly sure he will tell me to leave the plans as are…

This house has in effect two areas connected by a central ‘gallery’ style walkway.  I mean how cool is that for a statement!  Better than looking at the ugly peach house built on the fence line of our backyard.  Those who know me will attest to my constant moaning about that beautiful piece of architecture!.



These pictures show the living room looking back to the main house, check out that pool!  Hmmm did I mention a pool?

  517779-01    517779-09

What I find interesting is the fact that this house is on 630sqm whereas our section is 759sqm, isn’t it amazing how the right architect can really maximise landspace (dear god I sound like a real estate agent now!) and design something that looks pretty cool.

My Mad Wonderings

I’m thinking maybe we get rid of our extension and design something like this, that way we would’t need to get approval from ‘him next door’, actually i’m inclined to put an ugly tin shed down the side of the house to spite him, ooooh stop Sarah, pull your horns in.

So back to my ramblings, how about we take inspiration from the Westmere house and build a beautiful glassed gallery style hallway to a tv room for the small people and maybe throw in a spare room and bathroom like pool room (flash or what!).  Of course it would be sound proofed, wouldn’t want the neighbours banging on the doors complaining about the sounds coming from there.

We could do it in stages, sort out the original part of the house, and do this part in a couple of years.  Hmmm that could work, couldn’t it? the kids are fairly young now, that sort of space would come into play when we want them out of the way with their loud friends, but still be able to ‘monitor’ mischief levels.

We shall see what ‘he who earns the money’ has to say…

Colour and Bathgate Update

Had 3 different people stop outside the house and tell me they love the colour this weekend!  Yippeeeee, LOVE feedback like that!!  I’ve been watering the garden in an attempt to ‘green’ it up a bit to make the front look a bit more lush rather than the bone dry dessert in my front yard.  The temperature thingie on the iphone tells me this week is going to be hot and sunny all week, so i’ll be out there after bootcamp with my hose running.

The bath man turned up yesterday had a look at my bath scratch, disappeared again to scratch a bath in their showroom, yes really, scratch a bath in their showroom.  He then proceeeded to sand the scratch back to fix it and assures me he can do the same with my $2,500 bath and make it ‘just like new’, mmmmmmmm we shall see!

Nite Nite, Sa x

  2 comments for “Desiring others’ ideas…

  1. Heather
    25 February, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    Love the design, it would certainty work with your place. Catch Si while he is still jet lagged, you never know what you might get him to agree too, hehehe

    • 28 February, 2013 at 11:49 am

      Ha ha, I’ll prob change my mind anyway!!! Xxx

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