Quick Update…

No further correspondence from the neighbour received yet, but I’ve gone off him now and don’t find him so gorgeous even with that accent.  Boo hoo for him!!  I’m sure he’s terribly sad to have lost my admiration.

I’ve decided now to start searching for the perfect vanity.  I think it’ll have to be a custom made jobby…..sounds expensive gulp, I know what i’m after, but just got to find the blasted thing!!!!!

I’m looking for something long enough for two basins, its gotta have a minimum of 3 drawers, one for each child to stuff their mess in, and not the hanging drawer style that seems to be everywhere!  There has to be a new choice out there that doesn’t cost the earth!

I’d like it to be sleek, possibly black, jurys out on that one  And I like the idea of long tapered legs, console style.

I find absolutely amazing that there isn’t alot of choice for something a little different here in NZ, is that because we are a small demographic in the scheme of things.  I think most of us are a pretty modern innovative bunch

So the search is on…watch this space!

Sa x


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