The reply….

Here’s an update to the neighbour saga:

I replied: ‘We will not sign any legally binding document’

Him ‘Good evening Sarah,

We don’t have any plan and project yet : it will only be an mutual agreement for future development to our property.
We will of course have to followed the New Zealand ressource consent regulation when we will have our plan and project ready when time will come.

I am thinking that with the french ressource consent regulation in my mind, I am not sure of the New Zealand procedure that is why I have asked our lawyer for his legal advice.

I understand your worry and I am sorry for the extra inconvenient for your project.

I am sure that the matter will get back to normal after the clarification of our lawyer’s legal advice.

With kind regards’

Now does that sound like a backdown??

Hope it means I won’t be revising my plans in the next week.
Nite nite all, early nite before bootcamp in the morning
Sa x

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