Oh dear…I want to cry..

I know I should be picking the kids up, but just had to update you.  You see my new bath is here and apart from the suppliers trying to give me two (yes I said i’d have the other one, but for some reason they wanted to take it back to the warehouse) and after waiting for over 3 months for those Australians to send it over, my beauty has arrived and gaspp, alas the bloody thing has a few scratches on it!!

IMG_3741 IMG_3742

The scratches don’t look nearly as bad on film, but in the flesh they are pretty noticeable and as this is a freestanding bath AND I paid a small fortune for it, it should be scratch free.

I’ve put a call into the suppliers (Recollections/Early Settler) and they are sorting it out for me.  This is apparently the first bath they’ve ordered into the country coloured, so its a virgin to boot!! How exciting for us all right?

I’ll keep you updated on what the resolution is, i’m sure they’ll fix it as they have excellent customer service and if they don’t I’ll have to put my devil horns on and give them a serving!

On another note, STILL waiting for our gorgeous Tahitian neighbour to sign off our piddly widdly extension.  Not quite sure what his problem is as we’re reducing the size of our current extensions and are making it glorious compared to the shitboxes that he looks at from his kitchen window.  He who earns the money in our house (hubby) put in a call to him and was assured (in a beautiful french accent) that all was fine and he was happy to sign.  WELL SIGN THE DAMN THING THEN MAN!!!

That is all we are waiting for!!  I’m not sure how much more I can harrass the man without being more of a pain in the arse!  I can certainly say if he doesn’t do it then we def won’t be ‘reciprocating’ in any way as he has requested.

Enough of my rant, school pick up time and then onto the usual craziness….

Sa x

  1 comment for “Oh dear…I want to cry..

  1. Kat
    19 February, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    Ohno! Hate it when you buy something to get it home & find your brand new item is scratched! Frustrating.. Neighbours!

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