The first round won!


How good does this look?  Its fantastic the compliments we’ve been receiving about my colour choices, the main feedback i’ve picked up is how new it makes the old girl look.  The colour is Resene Double Stack in Semi Gloss on the weatherboards with Resene Black White on the doors in Gloss and Semi on the wall, balastrade and posts.

Resene_Double_Stack  Resene_Black_White

I feel so proud of myself for being brave enough to stick with this colour as pretty much everyone said it was too dark and would detract from the style of house.  Everyone excepting my fantastic husband who said to go with my hearts choice, my favourite neighbour Liz who demanded I do this colour, my mum and a couple of close friends (you know who you are).  My problem was that I asked too many people their opinions (yes I know Rach), and the more I asked the more confused I became, good lesson isn’t it.

Carrying on my story, I know I said the painters were packing up and disappearing off to the next place on Wednesday, well they packed up to head over there only to discover the waterblasters hadn’t done their part, so my hardworking boys decided to hang out for a few more days in my wondrous company.  Thank god their boss is in Sudan or somewhere insane so they could get away with it!!

They have managed to find extra bits and pieces to keep themselves busy around here, and in fact one of them is even painting my new little wooden shed out the back to match the house (I have wonderful powers of persuasion!).  

IMG_3690So you’ll see in my next instalment this little chalet style shed will start to resemble the house a bit more.  In fact I’m a bit worried Simon or the kids will try to claim it as a man cave or playhouse, hmmmm maybe if it gets them out of my house it might not be a silly idea???


Isn’t it funny how when you make something look nice and clean or new everything else can look shabby.  The front deck, garden, patio and driveway look pretty darn run down now which just doesn’t match my shiny just unwrapped house.   I’ve gotta get those gloves out and send the kids out to work to fund this long project, that or get some sponsors or freebies to blog about (no pun intended there, all reasonable offers considered! 🙂 ha ha ha)

Front of House Details

I want to show you a bit more around the front, so please don’t let me bore you to much, and yes I probably will go on about details a bit much, but thats the Sarah you all know and love right?  Right guys (this is where you should be nodding enthusiastically).

IMG_3702   This stunning piece of art is our front side deck.  Once the ladders are gone, I’ll get my old jeans on and restain it.  I’m hoping we can swing for an eco-deck which I found in my travels and research to replace this the manky old pine decking.

Eco-decking is just amazing, website link click here: Eco-Decking.  Looking at their website, and seriously i’m not being paid or receiving any free products to say this, they come up with fabulous designs to suit what you’re after.  I love the fact its made of recylced materials and the best part its low maintenance!  Unfort its also 25% more expensive, but hey we’re all about low maintenance!

IMG_3705  This is the front patio, check out my lovely new orange chairs, cool or what!, bought not only to match my grey colour scheme but to give me a wine possie to watch half of auckland searching for a carpark close to the beach.

I’m thinking a white marble style of tile for the ground and the front door is going to be in the middle of those two chairs.
imagesI’d like an funky iron gate, not a granny style one,in front of a black glossy wooden door like the door pictured here. That way I can leave the front door open, but with the iron gate door thingie locked to let the breeze go through the house and know no dodgies are going to sneak in a nick my non valuables…blah blah, i know, get on with it Sa!!!!


  IMG_3700This is my front garden, we have no garage and are unlikely to build one as we have a 100 year old pohutakawa tree out front which is protected, meaning we cannot built within its drip-line.  My poor dry grass has been covered in scaffolding and cigarette butts for the past 4 weeks but once I get the sprinkler going it’ll start looking like the lush jungle it used to be…..

I’m hoping to get some pavers down and create some sort of parking bay lined with little grasses or something like that….gotta sit down and think that one through first!


On another note – the bathroom

I really am on a roll tonight!!  My new bath arrives this week, I know, once again crazy Sarah has got ahead of herself.  I ordered the bath last year thinking we would be ready for it by this time, but surprise, surprise we’re not,
we’re waiting for our neighbour to sign off our resource consent approval STILL!!  Anyway I digress, the bath comes this week and now i’m on the hunt for a fabulous vanity which doesn’t cost the earth as most of the ones I like seem to.

The one I really like was over $5k, ridiculous really!  One of my goals of this reno is to create style on a budget, its not always necessary to choose the most expensive pieces, if i did that I’d only manage one or two rooms and i’d be rocking in a corner as my kids would probably drop chocolate or have a wee accident on it anyway…

Right, its time for bed, I’ve got carried away.  Nite, Nite.

Sa x


  3 comments for “The first round won!

  1. denise
    25 August, 2013 at 11:52 am

    Hi there, could you please let me know what your roof color is? Thanks

    • 25 August, 2013 at 5:40 pm

      Hi there, this is a Coloursteel Coastal Max roof that is pre-coloured steel. The colour is called Gull Grey, kinda a brown/grey.

  2. Merry Smith
    15 February, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    Looks great Sarah, Si was right, always go with your heart. As long as you love it, it’ll be perfect for you, and it doesn’t matter if anyone else doesn’t like it, they don’t live there. Sometimes you have to be brave with colour, there’s too much same ole stuff out there. I think you’ve made a great choice. Good on ya sweetie.
    Loves Auntie Merry

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