She’s almost there…

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Check her out! yes I know another partially painted house pict but notice any differences??

She’s got a white wall, YES a white wall!!  When I first saw it, I was like, OMG! is it too much, but now its grown on me and feels very fresh, the downside is the rest of the front garden and deck look really manky and need a freshen up…how on earth will I be able to leave those until after the renos???

Its just so devine seeing most of the painters crap gone from my garden and being actually able to see the grass for the first time in 4 weeks!!  What am I going to be like with builders here?? Dad we’re moving in to your house!

The thing is, I know I’d be a bit of an idiot to even contemplate staining the deck, but I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF and am pretty well known for my impulsiveness.  I mean I”ve just spent almost 4 hours sorting the oldest childs room out and rearranging it, knowing she’s going to be biffed out in a few months, why bother…..change is exciting for me, I love waking up with things being different as long as its good different.

Ok, so final final plans came back from the architect, they’ve gone off to my gorgeous Tahitian neighbour for approval as we need resource consent for an incy wincy teeny weeny part of our extension that infringes bloody height to boundary. This means once he signs it off (which he told me he would a few weeks back in his beautiful french accent before he left NZ), then 4 weeks with the resource planning dudes at council BEFORE we even can submit the final plans for building approval.

So much for thinking we’ll start late March, more like April/May now, so no kids birthday parties here this year (prob a blessing in disguise), but but but hopefully we can start hosting some fab drinkies come next summer (and who knows, maybe we can ‘sneak’ a pool in somewhere, to hell with the budget!!!) ha ha ha!

Nite, Sa x

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