Stunning Weather

Wow it’s beautiful here today, I took this photo while I was out walking this morning.

The house currently reeks of acrylic paint, the guys are redoing the window frames and boy is pretty stinky around here.  Sucks as I’m feeling rather insociable today and just want to hang around the house….but hey thats life, could be worse really couldn’t it?

The painters reckon they’ll finish up sometime next week, thats what they said last week and that today would be their last day, but much credit to them they are doing a pretty sterling job of painting, then sanding back again, then painting and sanding to try and bring this old girl (the house, not me) back to life.

Even my ex interior designer neighbour who was horrified at the thought of dark grey and insisted I ‘go light’ and then asked me with very raised eyebrows if ‘i like the colour’ 2 weeks ago came to tell me how lovely and ‘fresh’ it makes the house look.  A victory if ever there was one aye!!!

This week has been a busy one, the kids started back at school and the routine of afterschool lessons started again along with a very lovely visitor staying from the uk.  Tonight we will trundle along to cricket practise to cheer Sebastian my second child on and then hopefully home again for maybe a nice wine on the beach or something???  hmmmm i’m cheering up at the mere thought of a glass of wine…is that a bad sign?  How many hours to go? he he he.

Right onto school pickup I go.

Sa x

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