The sun came out and so did the painters..

My heading says it all, they turned up, yay and are fixing up all ‘my concerns’, thank god for that! I was dreading asking them to redo some parts of the painting, but being the good guys they are they took it in their stride! My house is once again a bit of a patchwork, however grey and white this time.



Tony the architect came to the party as well, fixing up my plans and not even charging me for his time as ‘he misunderstood me’, wooo hooo, glad to save a bit of money somewhere!!!! Hmmm does that translate to a pair of shoes or item of clothing ladies.

Tomorrow being a public holiday will see this little nz house quiet as we’ll jump in the blue wagon and head up to Matakana for the day with our UK guest. Gotta love public hols!

Enjoy your day off tomorrow my friends,

Sa x

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