Hey there,

Excuse my basic posting, I’m attempting to use the iPhone to post and its pretty crappy….Si’s taken the iPad AND my beloved MacbookPro in his car, boo hoo, didn’t think that one thru did ya Sa!!!!

Been away a few days in Tauranga visiting mum, I just needed to get away, the smell of blimin enamel paint was driving me insane and what with it being the last few days of freedom before school starts it was really essential we leave little ole Auckland.
Anyway, just arrived back to see my house metamorphosing from ugly beige to a patchwork of white and beige with grey down one side. OMG I LOVE IT!  Not the patchwork, but the dark grey that is.

Apparently the neighbours so far have given it the thumbs up, thank god or we’d have some issues with neighborly relations going forward…

So what’s the verdict?? Geeze it’s taken over an hour just to write this one post so that’s it I’m done, I’ll be back to fix this up later, sooo over it!!!

Sa x

Ps. Saw these gorgeous doors in Tauranga, am thinking of something like this for our front door which is moving to the front porch, between the two French doors…

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  1. Heather
    2 February, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    Love the color, good on you sticking to your guns. Front door would look amazing!

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