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Our house is very much in pre-renovation stage however we’ve decided we can hold off no longer… the past 6 months our house has been asking us to give it some love and attention, and with our focus elsewhere (kids starting school), we just ignored it, hoping it would all go away.

It all started with the bloody fridge, it gave up the ghost with a spectacular freezer fire, the stupid thing was too small for us anyway, so I just replaced it with a wine fridge instead….I mean I’ve gotta get my priorities right, right???
I sold my hubby on the new big and beautiful Fisher and Paykel French Door fridge that would ‘fit in our new kitchen’ (a kitchen that we haven’t got round to sorting out yet).
Well then the dishwasher must of missed his fridge mate and retired too! Bugger!!!  But welcome Asko!!!


Wait there’s more tho’….since then the kitchen sink has blocked twice, apparently our lovely old house has old galvanised pipes that need to be replaced otherwise it’ll keep happening, we’ve also lost power to half of our electricity sockets to the rear of the house and the washing machine died last week..hmmmmmm is this a signal its time for some serious work or what!!!!!

So where do you think I started?? I’ve decided to get the front half of the house painted.

Why?  The paintwork has got pretty shocking and has peeled in a fair few spots.  Yes, paint doesn’t start peeling overnight and it was something we knew would have to be sorted out at some point but it just sort of crept up on us to the point where we could no longer ignore it, and as it is summer and there was a bunch of good painters working down the street, I got a bit overexcited and organised them to come and sort our place out.  I know this doesn’t fix our issue of dodgy pipes and wiring, but it makes me feel like we’re doing something major, while I get my A into G and sort out the house plans.

IMG_3528 IMG_3535

We’re only painting the front half of the house, not many changes going on there and I have this suspicious feeling, come winter we’ll be pleased its been done.

So at the moment, we’re on summer holidays living in a dusty bowl, luckily we live next to the beach so have a fab hangout.

Back later, Sa x

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  1. Heather
    28 January, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    Love it. Your blog, is so you. Looking forward to seeing and reading about the journey. Hello new fab renovated house story!

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