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I’ve been very remiss and haven’t been on my blog for ages…….ran into a lovely local mum the other day who said ‘you must keep updating, I’ve been waiting for the latest’ so here I am……

What have I been up to lately?

Well a shit load actually.  Not only house stuff, but late last year we also started our own business.  I’ve been pulled into the fray and am the Development Director of an IT product and its been awesome!! I’ve learnt a crap load of stuff about iOS and Android, stuff I never thought i’d need to know, but love the fact I now do.

On the house front, i’ve had my frustrations with having to wait to do the ‘big’ extension, but have been having a ball recarpeting, painting, and styling what is there now.

The laundry is done and after searching for a while, I found some awesome lights to replace the grandad lights currently in the hallway and living room and am planning to start ripping the hideous kitchen out in the next few weeks.

Living Room
Living Room
Entrance Way
Entrance Way
Kitchen before we moved in
Kitchen before we moved in
My 3D design (did it all by myself)
My 3D design (did it all by myself)

Screenshot 2016-08-19 22.39.04

We’ve been busy!

Since the last time I wrote a lot has happened at this house…..

As I speak our new laundry is being installed and in the last week the entire inside of the house has been repainted.    Whats left? Only new carpet/tiles/kitchen piles/new kitchen and don’t forget the pool to be done and then all will else will wait for the plan of opening the spaces up (yes all work now is carefully taking that into account so we have to rework as little as possible).

When we first bought this house I had huge ideas of the plans we would complete, we had our architect around, (the son-in-law of our vendor) and before I knew it we would end up with 3 living areas, 4 bathrooms, a grand double height entry, the list goes on…..I was excited going to bed that night.

Then I woke up the next morning….

With the thought is this really where I want to be heading again?

A big, beautiful home that I’m constantly terrified my children will trash with their sticky fingers, cricket balls and wet feet?  No, not really..

I’ve realised I don’t need a huge house, this house works as it is so in saying that, I’ve attached some photos of where we’re at for you to see, I know its been a while, but I’ve been having such fun!!

During – Cabinets being installed
During - Bench will go in along this wall
During – Bench will go in along this wall















The hallway - before, us stripping wallpaper
The hallway – before, us stripping wallpaper
After – pre-tiling and clean









Before - Hallway with paint stripping
Before – Hallway with paint stripping
After - to carpet or not to carpet?
After – to carpet or not to carpet?






















We’re bashing holes already!

image imageSo we’re already requistioning what used to be Kates bedroom (our friends old bedroom growing up) and more recently used as a storage room into a laundry fit for a family of 5!

Simon had his sledge hammer out on Friday afternoon and had a bit of fun banging around and has been at it again this afternoon.

Love Kates old wallpaper!! I’ve kept some for her…



5 sleeps to go…..

moving5 sleeps to go

5 sleeps to go

only 5 sleeps to go la la la la……

I’m sure i’m over excited now about the move FINALLY being upon us.  I mean its only been 3 months, bloody long 3 months I’ll say.  And if I hadn’t found a house, I’d be crying into my bowl of Special K i’m sure.

But instead I’m a ball of nervous energy, who has packed the house up completely! Yes completely bar the beds and a bit of lego on the floor.  My kitchen contents consist in a couple of banana boxes (thanks Kirsty!) and I can proudly say the cupboards are bare!!!

The tramp is already (by mistake) waiting at the new digs (oops sorry Martin, who would have thought they’d deliver it from Hamilton within 24 hours?) and it will be the first thing that is done on Monday, anything to keep the baby birds occupied while their mamma insanely finds places for things.

Anyway, very excited and all that, just champing at the bit to pull up some carpet, get my heatgun and paintbrush out and get the pool man over!

Photos will be posted next week!

Sa x

PS. Did I show you my pool concept??  Party at my house next summer!!!


26 Sleeps till I own a new house!

I love moving house, I know people say its up with there in stress levels with a death, but for me it means a fresh start and the opportunity to shed clutter and crap.

My favourite thing about the early days of moving is waking up in a new house, all the new unfamiliar sounds that eventually become unnoticeable. I love finding spaces (well hopefully finding spaces) for everything, arranging furniture and then rearranging the furniture and then putting it back in the same place lol….

Anyway, as you’ve guessed, I love moving house, in fact I’m surprised I’ve made it to 10 years in the current house, I think it’s because we spent such a long time planning the renovation that my passion was stoked.

Right time to go and pack some boxes up…….

Sa x



Well we were never ones to let the grass grow under our feet, but I certainly didn’t expect to have bought a new house within a few weeks of selling this one!

S0347-1446666408-9419-Eltham-SOLD.jpg.ashx The auction process was so much harder this time round with 3 children in tow.  Keeping the house spotless, fingerprint less and toy free wasn’t ridiculously hard given the weeks and weeks beforehand I spent throwing stuff out.  Now the hard part was making 3 young children part with their thousands of ‘favourite’ items……(and of course everything that is crap is favourite).

Once this was done it became all maintenance and keeping sticky fingers off the walls.

558900ZThis is the new place, only a few kms down the road, its my next long term project.  Right on a reserve this house is set on a fantastic 1217sqm of land and has an awesome layout, perfect for a growing family.

Its going to be a real work in progress as the current owner has lived here for 43 years.  Yes 43 years!! AND they are family friends, i’m so excited that Isabella will have the bedroom my girlfriend grew up in and they have wholeheartedly given us the thumbs up to go crazy!

I’ve got my little list of things that I MUST tackle straight away:

1. Central Heating/Cooling

2. Pool

3. Kitchen

4. Painting

The central heating/cooling is already booked in and step 2 is in the planning process.  Aahhhh the pool….well thats another day and another blog but heres a taster of whats to come:

The garden at present….

558900G IMG_2545


My vision:





Sa x

Twas the night before….


I feel like with a title like that I should be writing about xmas…

“Twas the night before christmas, but i’ll say Twas the night before the auction and all through the house all the creatures WERE stirring especially the scouse”(my family are from Liverpool).

Anyway, yes its the last night before my big grey girl goes under the hammer.  I have a mixture of nerves and excitement right now, nerves in that will it really happen and excitement for the possibilities this will bring.

Our open homes have been a roaring success with over 100 groups through in 6 open homes, pretty amazing turnout my agent tells me.  There has been fantastic feedback from all those coming through about my design ideas and styling which has encouraged me to explore this area of design further through our next project (when we find it).  Our agent even had to chase someone out last weekend who was gleefully taking photos of my custom made lights and iron ceiling, what better form of compliment is that!

I’ve had so much fun bringing life back into this 90 year old girl and I love the idea that someone else will love her as much as I have.  Perhaps I’ll work my way through the Eastern Bays Suburbs house by house as needed changing all those tired little boxes into little luxurious creations….

So watch this space for a big green SOLD sign on Thursday and keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me please!!!

Sa x

My excitement is building…..

I’ve been wanting to splash out on some designer towels for my bathrooms so today I headed off to Farmers and Citta Design in Mt Eden on the hunt for some towels for my bathroom.

The idea is I buy nice plain white ones and then a couple of designer ones to go with them.  This way by having the nicer towels mixed with inexpensive ones you still get the expensive look.

So this is the towel at Citta Design I was after:

ITL0163-2-1However given that the shipment only arrived today and won’t be unloaded for a least 2 weeks I chose this one instead:citadel-velour-bath-towel-3-531-1

And then good ole Farmers with their massive selection of white towels….







Heres how they look in action..before

IMG_2212 IMG_2213 IMG_2215 IMG_2214


IMG_2219 IMG_2218






Simple but easy and I had a great time!  Now how do I get the kids to NOT use these?

Sa x


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